About Us

Vajra events is the one stop event organisation.

Developing events after a careful study of the brand and considering its objective. Delivering the best possible to generate maximum response towards the products and clients.


We are here to let you enjoy your piece of cake while we walk the extra mile for you and offers a “One stop Shoppe” for all your event management requirements.


Our humble beginnings have taught us that we are made by our client's happiness and day in and day out we strive to achieve the very best in quality and elegance for the client.

OUR Services

Wedding & Receptions

Weddings mark the start of a new chapter in a couple's life and celebrate their love and commitment to each other..

Corporate Events

Corporate events are important for building and strengthening relationships, promoting and celebrating a company's..

MICE Events

MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) events play a crucial role in promoting business..

Movie Publicity & Promotions

Movie publicity and promotions are crucial for building audience awareness and anticipation, creating buzz..

Birthday parties

Birthday parties are celebrations held to mark the anniversary of a person's birth, involving gifts, cake, food..

Sports Events

Sports events serve as a platform for entertainment, excitement, and friendly competition, and can bring..

Media Planners

Media planners are professionals specialized in creating and executing advertising..

Celebrity Management

Celebrity management is a critical aspect of the entertainment industry, as it helps to ensure that celebrities

Occasional Events

Occasional events create memories, foster community, promote brand awareness, and celebrate milestones.


Entertainment promotes relaxation and stress relief and enhances the overall quality of life.

Sfx Products

SFX (Special Effects) products create immersive and captivating experiences in various forms of entertainment..

Happening Moments


Clients are the backbone of our Event management industry and play a crucial role in determining the success of an event. Vajra events Maintain clear and open communication with clients which is essential for understanding their needs and expectations and ensures that the event meets their goals.

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